Progress in Maritime Technology and Engineering collects the papers presented at the 4th International Conference on Maritime Technology and Engineering (MARTECH 2018, Lisbon, Portugal, 7–9 May 2018). This conference has evolved from a series of biannual national conferences in Portugal, and has developed into an international event, reflecting the internationalization of the maritime sector and its activities. MARTECH 2018 is the fourth in this new series of biannual conferences.

Progress in Maritime Technology and Engineering contains about 80 contributions from authors from all parts of the world, which were reviewed by an International Scientific Committee. The book is divided into the subject areas below:
- Port performance
- Maritime transportation and economics
- Big data in shipping
- Intelligent ship navigation
- Ship performance
- Computational fluid dynamics
- Resistance and propulsion
- Ship propulsion
- Dynamics and control
- Marine pollution and sustainability
- Ship design
- Ship structures
- Structures in composite materials
- Shipyard technology
- Coating and corrosion
- Maintenance
- Risk analysis
- Offshore and subsea technology
- Ship motion
- Ships in transit
- Wave-structure interaction
- Wave and wind energy
- Waves

Progress in Maritime Technology and Engineering will be of interest to academics and professionals involved in the above mentioned areas.