This text offers an up-to-date, evidence-based overview of a challenging disease, which affects 1 in 10 women and is often compounded by delayed diagnosis and significant impact on quality of life. The international authors, experts in their fields, propose new paradigms that will demystify the disease, expedite diagnosis, and manage it to the highest professional standard. The book will be of benefit to established practitioners and generalists in the field, as well as those in training; it is rich with illustrations and links to procedural videos.

Background and Diagnostic approaches: Origins of endometriosis and disease state.  Differential diagnosis of endometriosis.  Pelvic ultrasound for Endometriosis.  Ultrasound: Alternative approaches.  alternative Imaging Techniques – MRI.  Alternative Imaging Techniques – CT and X-ray.  A surgeon’s perspective on diagnosis.  Non-Surgical Approaches: Pain management strategies and alternative therapies.  Medical therapies.  Infertility.  Contemporary Surgical Management Strategies: Peritoneal and uterine disease.  Ovarian disease.  Colorectal surgery.  Urological Involvement.  Neuropelvic surgery.  Quality Indicators and Training.  Guidelines and Quality Indicators in Imaging.  Guidelines and Quality Indicators in Surgery.  Training and Certification in Imaging.  Training and Certification in Surgery.  Endometriosis Centres.