The papers published in this proceedings volume are written by a selection of authors, resulting from a call for papers for the 1st International Conference on Law and Governance in a Global Context (ICLAVE) originating from Indonesia and other countries. This proceedings volume shall be a very valuable contribution to understand contemporary law issues in Indonesia which are not always taught in law schools. These proceedings will not only serve as a useful reference for law students and academicians, but also help law practitioners to understand law issues that may be encountered in Indonesia. It covers selected items such as Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Criminal Law, Human Rights Law, Adat Law, Shariah Law, Judiciary Law and International Law, which are all important for undergraduate and post-graduate law students, as well as academicians and law practitioners in the law community.

chapter |5 pages

The limitation of investigator authority for illegal narcotics offences

ByRiza Alifianto Kurniawan, Sapta Aprilianto

chapter |5 pages

Disclosure of beneficial ownership to eradicate transnational financial crime

ByRiza Alifianto Kurniawan, Iqbal Felisiano

chapter |8 pages

Justice principles for start-up business in Indonesia

ByPeter M. Marzuki, Iman Prihandono, Dian Purnama Anugerah, Dewi Santoso Yuniarti

chapter |6 pages

The criminal responsibility of corporate banking: Case study of Century Bank

ByPujiyono, Supanto, Theresia Pingky

chapter |8 pages

Criminal law reform through the Constitutional Court’s decisions

ByReza Fikri Febriansyah, Topo Santoso

chapter |8 pages

Optimization of Hajj fund development through infrastructure-based sukuk

ByIffah Karimah, Shafira Iskandar

chapter |9 pages

Plan the development from the constitution: Expanding constitutional directives in the 1945 constitution of Indonesia

ByIndra Perwira, Ali Abdurahman, Mei Susanto, Adnan Yazar Zulfikar

chapter |7 pages

The bail-in policy: solution or problem?

ByLily Evelina Sitorus, Anna Erliyana, Yunus Husein

chapter |13 pages

Regulating disruptive innovation in Indonesian digital business

ByQur’ani Dewi Kusumawardani

chapter |13 pages

Constitutional court dismissed the reconciliation effort


chapter |14 pages

Enriching legal studies with socio-legal research

BySulistyowati Irianto

chapter |6 pages

Contemporary issues on constitutional law

ByJimly Asshiddiqie

chapter |8 pages

Human rights certification in Indonesia: Problems and implications

ByPatricia Rinwigati Waagstein

chapter |13 pages

Awakening the geopolitical ‘spirit’: Transforming Indonesia’s institutions to confront global challenges

ByFakhridho S.B.P. Susilo, Kris Wijoyo Soepandji