This concise, portable manual provides practitioners and future practitioners with a basic guide to pediatric emergency ultrasound, enabling them to learn the fundamentals of bedside ultrasound and use these to refresh their skills prior to, or when, performing it on a patient.

CIRCULATORY SYSTEM. Cardiac. Inferior vena cava. RESPIRAT ORY SYSTEM. Pulmonary. MUSCULOSKELETA L SYSTEM. Long bone. Clavicle. Shoulder. Elbow. Hip. Knee. Ankle. INTEGUMENTAR Y SYSTEM. Soft-tissue. Neck. DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. Appendix. Intussusception. Pylorus. Biliary. TRAUMA. Focused assessment sonography in trauma (FAST). RENAL, URINARY, AND REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEMS. Renal. First trimester pregnancy. Testicular. PROCEDURAL. Femoral nerve block. Intraosseous placement. Lumbar puncture. Endotracheal tube confirmation. Peripheral intravenous placement. Upper extremity nerve blocks. Central line placement. NERVOUS SYSTEM. Ocular.