Vitamin C holds a unique place in scientific and cultural history. In this book, a group of leading scientific researchers describe new insights into the myriad ways vitamin C is employed during normal physiological functioning. In addition, the text provides an extensive overview of the following: the rationale for utilizing vitamin C in the clinic, updates on recent uses of vitamin C in cancer treatment through high-dose intravenous therapies, the role vitamin C plays in the treatment of sepsis and infectious disease, management of the ways vitamin C can improve stem cell differentiation, as well as vitamin C use in other important health situations.


  • Includes chapters from a team of leading international scholars
  • Reviews the history and recent research on the functions, benefits, and uses of vitamin C
  • Focuses special attention on the way vitamin C can be used in the treatment of cancers
  • Discusses how vitamin C can be employed against infectious disease

part One|21 pages

Overview of Vitamin C

chapter Chapter One|19 pages

A “C Odyssey”

Recommended Dietary Allowances and Optimal Health: Paradigm and Promise of Vitamin C
ByMark Levine, Pierre-Christian Violet, Ifechukwude C. Ebenuwa, Hongbin Tu, Yaohui Wang

part Two|90 pages

Chemistry and Biology of Vitamin C

chapter Chapter Two|13 pages

Chemistry and Biochemistry of Vitamin C in Mammalian Systems

ByMargreet C.M. Vissers, Juliet M. Pullar, Nicholas Smirnoff

chapter Chapter Three|15 pages

Vitamin C Alimentation via SLC Solute Carriers

ByDamian Nydegger, Gergely Gyimesi, Matthias A. Hediger

chapter Chapter Four|16 pages

Vitamin C Pharmacokinetics*

ByJens Lykkesfeldt

chapter Chapter Five|28 pages

Ascorbate as an Enzyme Cofactor

ByMargreet C.M. Vissers, Andrew B. Das

chapter Chapter Six|14 pages

Role of Ascorbate and Dehydroascorbic Acid in Metabolic Integration of the Cell

ByGábor Bánhegyi, András Szarka, József Mandl

part Three|67 pages

Vitamin C and Immune Function

chapter Chapter Seven|21 pages

Vitamin C in Pneumonia and Sepsis

ByAnitra C. Carr

chapter Chapter Eight|23 pages

Vitamin C in Immune Cell Function

ByAbel Ang, Margreet C.M. Vissers, Juliet M. Pullar

chapter Chapter Nine|19 pages

Role of Vitamin C in Chronic Wound Healing

ByJuliet M. Pullar, Margreet C.M. Vissers

part Four|69 pages

Vitamin C and Neurological Function

chapter Chapter Ten|29 pages

Vitamin C in Neurological Function and Neurodegenerative Disease

ByShilpy Dixit, David C. Consoli, Krista C. Paffenroth, Jordyn M. Wilcox, Fiona E. Harrison

chapter Chapter Eleven|24 pages

Vitamin C and the Brain

ByL. John Hoffer

chapter Chapter Twelve|13 pages

The Epigenetic Role of Vitamin C in Neurological Development and Disease

ByTyler C. Huff, Gaofeng Wang