This book presents essential principles, technical information, and expert insights on multimedia security technology. Illustrating the need for improved content security as the Internet and digital multimedia applications rapidly evolve, it presents a wealth of everyday protection application examples in fields including . Giving readers an in-depth introduction to different aspects of information security mechanisms and methods, it also serves as an instructional tool on the fundamental theoretical framework required for the development of advanced techniques.

section I|1 pages


chapter 1|34 pages

Introduction to Information Security Systems Primitives

ByMajid Khan, Syeda Iram Batool Naqvi

chapter 2|29 pages

Cryptographic Image Scrambling Techniques

ByBhaskar Mondal

chapter 3|30 pages

Chaos-Based Image Cryptography

ByCharles Z. Liu, Linda Y. Dong, Raymond P. Shaw

chapter 4|25 pages

Fundamental Cryptographic Characteristics of Boolean Functions: A Review

ByMajid Khan, Syeda Iram Batool Naqvi

chapter 5|18 pages

Phase Retrieval in Optical Cryptography

ByNaveen Kumar Nishchal, Areeba Fatima

chapter 7|39 pages

Security of Scalable Video Coding: Encryption and Authentication

ByZhuo Wei, Swee Won Lo, Yongdong Wu, Yanjiang Yang, Zheng Yan, Robert H. Deng

chapter 8|34 pages

Compressive Sensing in Color Image Security

ByRohit Thanki, Surekha Borra, Komal Borisagar, Nilanjan Dey

chapter 9|17 pages

Secure Threshold Attribute-Based Signcryption with Constant Number of Pairings

ByY. Sreenivasa Rao, Nishant Doshi

chapter 10|33 pages

Multimedia Contents Encryption Using the Chaotic MACM System on a Smart-display

ByRodrigo Méndez-Ramírez, Adrian Arellano-Delgado, Miguel Angel Murillo-Escobar, César Cruz-Hernández

chapter 11|24 pages

Medical Image Encryption

ByPadmapriya Praveenkumar, Amirtharajan Rengarajan

section II|1 pages


chapter 12|29 pages

Watermarking Techniques for Copyright Protection of Texts in Document Files

BySurekha Borra, Rohit Thanki, Nilanjan Dey

chapter 14|28 pages

Data Hiding in Compressed Images and Videos

ByShaohui Liu

chapter 15|34 pages

Robust Image Watermarking Based on Multiple-Criteria Decision-Making

ByMusab Ghadi, Lamri Laouamer, Laurent Nana, Anca Pascu

chapter 17|42 pages

Watermarking Techniques and Its Applications in Tele-Health: A Technical Survey

BySriti Thakur, Amit Kumar Singh, SP Ghrera, Mayank Dave

section III|1 pages


chapter 18|30 pages

Utilization of Small S-Boxes for Information Hiding

ByMajid Khan, Syeda Iram Batool Naqvi

chapter 19|30 pages

Secure and Robust ECG Steganography Using Fractional Fourier Transform

ByGajanan K. Birajdar, Vishwesh A. Vyawahare, Mukesh D. Patil

chapter 20|26 pages

Visual Secret Sharing Scheme for ( k , n ) Threshold-Based on QR Code with Multiple Decryptions

BySong Wan, Yuliang Lu, Xuehu Yan, Yongjie Wang, Chao Chang

chapter 21|30 pages

Steganography Based on Interpolation and Edge Detection Techniques

ByKi-Hyun Jung

chapter 22|34 pages

Steganography and Medical Data Security

ByRukiye Karakis, Inan Guler

section IV|1 pages


chapter 23|59 pages

Digital Visual Media Forensics

ByRaahat Devender Singh

chapter 24|22 pages

Review of Image Tampering Detection Techniques

ByV. T. Manu, B. M. Mehtre

chapter 25|28 pages

Blockchain Security for Wireless Multimedia Networks

ByAnkit Songara, Lokesh Chouhan, Pankaj Kumar

chapter 26|25 pages

Copy-Move Image Forgery Detection Using Redundant Keypoint Elimination Method

ByZahra Hossein-Nejad, Mehdi Nasri

chapter 27|29 pages

Anti-Forensics for Image and Video Tampering: A Review

ByK. Sitara, B. M. Mehtre

section V|1 pages


chapter 28|23 pages

Securing Biometrics Using Data Hiding Techniques

ByMehul S. Raval, Vaibhav B. Joshi, Jignesh S. Bhatt

chapter 29|31 pages

Secure Biometric Modalities for Effective Communication

BySandhya Tarar

chapter 31|28 pages

Biometrics-Based Authentication Scheme for Cloud Environment

ByG. Jaspher Willsie Kathrine