Ethnobotany: Local Knowledge and Traditions discusses various plants that have actually been used in traditional medicine for a specific ailment. It desribes the biological effectiveness (activities) related to each "sickness" which have been scientifically verified. This book will also discuss the bioactivities established/determined that are promising and have potential. Finally, this book will be an appropriate consultation tool for scientists/professionals/experts such as ethnobotanists, botanists, cell/molecular biologists, chemists, pharmacists, pharmacologists, environmentalists/ecologists.

chapter Chapter 1|18 pages

Mururé (Brosimum acutifolium Huber) in the Treatment of Syphilis in Colonial Amazonia

From Historical Data to the Actual Contribution in Treatment
ByErika Fernanda de Matos Vieira, Maria da Graça Ribeiro Campos, Flávia Cristina Araújo Lucas

chapter Chapter 2|15 pages

Agroecology, Local Knowledge and Participatory Research

Articulation of Knowledge for Sustainable Use of Plant Resources in Agroecosystems
BySantiago Peredo Parada, Claudia Barrera

chapter Chapter 3|16 pages

The Path of Ethnopharmacobotany

From Economic Botany to Ethnobotany
ByMarcelo L. Wagner, Leonardo M. Anconatani, Rafael A. Ricco, Beatriz G. Varela, Gustavo C. Giberti

chapter Chapter 4|20 pages

Patagonian Berries

An Ethnobotanical Approach to Exploration of their Nutraceutical Potential
ByMelina F. Chamorro, Ana Ladio, Soledad Molares

chapter Chapter 5|20 pages

Status of Research on Medicinal Plants in the Cajamarca’s Region, Peru

ByJuan F. Seminario Cunya, Berardo Escalante Zumaeta, Alejandro Seminario Cunya

chapter Chapter 6|13 pages

Recent Reports on Ethnopharmacological and Ethnobotanical Studies of Valeriana carnosa Sm. (Valerianaceae)

BySoledad Molares, Ana H. Ladio, Nicolás Nagahama

chapter Chapter 7|29 pages

Traditional Knowledge of Antivenom Plants

Bioactive Compounds and Their Antiophidic Properties
ByCarolina Alves dos Santos, Marco V. Chaud, Valquíria Miwa Hanai Yoshida, Raksha Pandit, Mahendra Rai, Yoko Oshima-Franco

chapter Chapter 8|26 pages

Ethnobotanical Study of Dakshin Dinajpur District of West Bengal

An Overview
ByTanmay Chowdhury, Subhas Chandra Roy, Dilip De Sarker

chapter Chapter 9|29 pages

Antipsoriatic Medicinal Plants

From Traditional Use to Clinic
ByJosé Luis Ríos, Guillermo R. Schinella, Isabel Andújar

chapter Chapter 10|27 pages

Knowledge of the Ethnomedicinal Plants Used by Tobas and Mocovíes Tribes in the Central-North of Argentina

ByMaría I. Stegmayer, Norma H. Alvarez, Melina G. Di Liberto, Lucas D. Daurelio, Marcos G. Derita

chapter Chapter 11|18 pages

Ethnobotany of Teucrium Species

ByMilan S. Stanković, Nenad M. Zlatić

chapter Chapter 12|23 pages

Ethnobotanical Issues on Medicinal Plants from Paraguay

ByRosa Luisa Degen de Arrúa, Yenny González, Esteban A. Ferro B.

chapter Chapter 13|20 pages

An Overview of Vetiveria zizanioides (Linn.) Nash (Poaceae)

Traditional Uses and Products
ByShubhangi N. Ingole

chapter Chapter 14|13 pages

Native Medicinal Plants Used for the Treatment of Nervous System Ailments in Chile and the Current State of Its Scientific Studies

ByArline Martínez, Luisauris Jaimes, Raul Vinet, Tiare Segura, Claudio Laurido, José L. Martínez

chapter Chapter 15|34 pages

Medicinal Plants Used by the Tharu Communities in Nepal

ByShandesh Bhattarai