This up-to-date reference is the most comprehensive summary of the field of nanoscience and its applications. It begins with fundamental properties at the nanoscale and then goes well beyond into the practical aspects of the design, synthesis, and use of nanomaterials in various industries. It emphasizes the vast strides made in the field over the past decade – the chapters focus on new, promising directions as well as emerging theoretical and experimental methods. The contents incorporate experimental data and graphs where appropriate, as well as supporting tables and figures with a tutorial approach.

1. High-Temperature Scanning Probe Microscopy 2. Low Temperature Investigation of Magnetic Molecules by Scanning Probe Microscopie 3. Ultrafast Optical Pump-Probe Scanning Probe Microscopy/Spectroscopy 4. Triggering Chemical Reactions by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy 5. The Circular Mode AFM: A New Experimental Approach for Investigating Nanotribology  6. Chemical Imaging with Fluorescent Nanosensors  7. Nanometer-Scale and Low-Density Imaging with Extreme Ultraviolet  and Soft X-Ray Radiation  8. X-Ray Imaging of Single Nanoparticles and Nanostructures 9. Helium Ion Microscopy  10. Nanofiber Characterization by Raman Scanning Microscopy  11. Quantification of Nanostructure Orientation via Image Processing 12.Chemometrics and Super-Resolution at the Service of Nanoscience: Aerosols Characterization in Hyperspectral Raman Imaging  13. Atomic Force Microscope Nanoscale Mechanical Mapping 14. Electron Holography for Mapping Electric Fields and Charge 15. Terahertz Spectroscopy for Nanomaterial Characterization 16. TXRF Spectrometry in Conditions of Planar X-Ray Waveguide-Resonator Application 17. Nanoscale XPEEM Spectromicroscopy  18. Integrating Cavities and Ring-Down Spectroscopy  19.Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry for Nanomaterial Analysis 20. Determination of Nanomaterial Electronic Structure via Variable-Temperature Variable-Field Magnetic Circular Photoluminescence (VTVH-MCPL) Spectroscopy  21. Photoluminescence Spectroscopy of Single Semiconductor Quantum Dots  22. Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy and its Potential in Nanomaterial Characterization  23. Nanostructured Materials Obtained by Electrochemical Methods: From Fabrication to Application in Sensing, Energy Conversion and Storage  24. New Trends in Nanoscale Electrodes and Electrochemistry: The Role of Dimensionality