Biotechnology is expected, by many observers, to have a significant impact on the world dairy industry over the next decade. In this timely volume, Lovell Jarvis analyzes the potential effect of two biotechnologies—multiple ovulation and embryo transfers (MOET) and recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST—on the dairy industry around the world. According to Jarvis's research, the effects of these two technologies will vary greatly between the developed and developing nations. He predicts that the technologies will be most profitable for the developed nations, where their use will increase milk production and strengthen their positions in dairy export markets. Developing country dairy sectors will probably lose from the use of these two biotechnologies, as their own international trade position will be weakened, though their own consumers should benefit. Jarvis concludes his study with a look at alternative approaches that might improve the competitive position of developing countries in the dairy sector.