This book presents a broad view of contemporary research in evolutionary plant ecology. It illustrates the broad spectrum of life history stages which affect plant reproductive success in some fashion.

chapter |4 pages

Introduction Herbert Baker: A Renaissance Botanist

ByG. Ledyard Stebbins

part |142 pages

Evolutionary Dynamics

chapter |29 pages

Plastids in a Changing Environment

ByJean M. Whatley

chapter |22 pages

Adaptive Shifts Toward Hummingbird Pollination

ByG. Ledyard Stebbins

chapter |24 pages

Early Maturity, Small Flowers and Autogamy: A Developmental Connection?

ByEdward O. Guerrant

chapter |29 pages

Polyploid Polymorphism in Grasses of the North American Prairie

ByKathleen H. Keeler, Binita Kwankin

part |78 pages

Breeding Systems

chapter |19 pages

The Evolutionary Breakdown of Heterostyly

BySpencer C. H. Barrett

chapter |37 pages

Facultative Xenogamy: Examination of a Mixed Mating System

ByRobert William Cruden, David L. Lyon

chapter |16 pages

Baker’S Law: Plant Breeding Systems and Island Colonization

ByPaul Alan Cox

part |77 pages

Reproductive Biology

chapter |20 pages

Pollenkitt in Plant Reproduction

ByHeidi E. M. Dobson

chapter |9 pages

Reproductive Biology of Hibiscus Moscheutos (Malvaceae)

ByTimothy Spira

chapter |12 pages

Size Dependent Reproduction in Poa Annua and P. Pratensis

ByLisa K. Wagner

chapter |17 pages

Yearly Fluctuations in a Vernal Pool Annual, Sidalcea Hirsuta

ByRobert A. Schlising

part |57 pages

Plant-Animal Interactions

chapter |17 pages

Is Extrafloral Nectar Production an Inducible Defense?

BySuzanne Koptur

chapter |19 pages

Leaf Domatia and Mites: A Plant Protection-Mutualism Hypothesis

ByCharles E. Turner, Robert W. Pemberton

part |84 pages

Evolution and Organization in Communities

chapter |30 pages

Response of Abies to Fire and Phellinus

ByStanton A. Cook, Alan D. Copsey, Alan W. Dickman

part |65 pages

Evolution in Cultivated Plants

part |78 pages

Biogeography and Conservation

chapter |15 pages

Ecological and Evolutionary Sorting of 12 Sympatric Species of Centris Bees in Costa Rican Dry Forest

ByGordon W. Frankie, S. B. Vinson, Howard Williams

chapter |27 pages

Ecology and Evolution in the Great Plains

ByJane H. Bock, Carl E. Bock

chapter |10 pages

Affirmative Action for Insects in Tropical National Parks

ByDaniel H. Janzen