The Stud Managers' Handbook includes presentations made at the International Stockmen's School, January 2-6, 1983. The faculty members of the School who authored th is eighteenth volume of the Handbook, along with books on Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle, and Sheep and Goats, are scholars, stockmen, and agribusiness leaders with national and international reputations. The papers are a mixture of tried and true technology and practices with new concepts from the latest research results of experiments in all parts of the world. Relevant information and concepts from many related disciplines are included.

part 1|28 pages

The Horse Industry and Its Heritage

chapter 1|12 pages

Centaurs, Cavalry, and Cowboys

ByRichard L. Willham

chapter 2|3 pages

A National View of Horse Programs

ByMichael J. Nolan

chapter 3|11 pages

Present Day Usage and Future Opportunities for Draft Horses and Mules

ByMaurice Telleen

part 2|50 pages

General Concepts Affecting Agriculture and the Industry

chapter 4|12 pages

Foundation of Civilization: Food

ByAllen D. Tillman

chapter 5|8 pages

World Livestock Feed Relationships: Their Meaning to U.S. Agriculture

ByRichard O. Wheeler, Kenneth B. Young

chapter 6|7 pages

Political Challenges for Today's Animal Agriculture

ByGeorge Stone

chapter 8|9 pages

World Agriculture in Hostile and Benign Climatic Settings

ByWayne L. Decker

chapter 9|6 pages

The Impacts of Climatic Variabilities on Livestock Production

ByWayne L. Decker

part 3|24 pages

Genetics and Selection

chapter 10|10 pages

Genetic Improvements in Horses

ByJoe B. Armstrong

chapter 11|6 pages

Genetics of the Performance Horse

ByJoe B. Armstrong

chapter 12|6 pages

Conformation and Structure: A Basis for Selection in Horses

ByJames C. Heird

part 4|51 pages

Anatomy, Physiology, and Reproduction

chapter 14|7 pages

Hormonal Regulation of the Estrous Cycle

ByRoy L. Ax

chapter 15|4 pages

Prostaglandin F2 Alpha

As an Aid in Breeding Mares
ByJames W. Lauderdale

chapter 17|12 pages

Influence of Body Condition on Reproductive Performance of Mares

ByDon R. Henneke, Gary D. Potter, Jack L. Kreider, B. F. Yeates, Doug Householder

chapter 18|9 pages

Stallion Management and Semen Handling

ByGary W. Webb, Jack L. Kreider

part 5|23 pages

Behavior and Training

chapter 19|6 pages

Expressions of the Horse

ByJames P. McCall, L. R. McCall

chapter 20|2 pages

Body English

ByJames P. McCall, L. R. McCall

chapter 21|3 pages

Breaking without Force

ByJames P. McCall, L. R. McCall

chapter 22|6 pages

Social Hierarchy

ByJames P. McCall, L. R. McCall

chapter 23|4 pages

Learning Ability: The Limiting Factor in Horse Training

ByJames C. Heird

part 6|54 pages

Animal Psychology, Environment, and Welfare

chapter 24|15 pages

Livestock Psychology and Handling-Facility Design

ByTemple Grandin

chapter 25|21 pages

Measuring an Animal's Environment

ByStanley E. Curtis

chapter 26|11 pages

Measuring Environment Stress in Farm Animals

ByStanley E. Curtis

chapter 27|5 pages

Animal Welfare: An International PERSPECTIVE

ByStanley E. Curtis, Harold D. Guither

part 7|52 pages

Feeds and Nutrition

chapter 28|11 pages

Nutrient Requirements and Sample Rations for Horses

ByDoyle G. Meadows

chapter 29|8 pages

Feeding Mares for Maximum Reproduction Efficiency

ByMelvin Bradley

chapter 30|8 pages

Feeding Growing Horses for Soundness

ByMelvin Bradley

chapter 31|5 pages

Feedstuff Evaluation and Nutrient Value for Horses

ByDoyle G. Meadows

chapter 32|7 pages

Protein Supplements for Lactating Mares and Effects on Foal Growth

ByDoyle G. Meadows

chapter 33

Quality and Quantity Control in Horse Feeding

ByMelvin Bradley

chapter 34|7 pages

Feeding Management of the Horse

ByDoyle G. Meadows

part 8|39 pages

Pasture, Forage, and Range

chapter 35|7 pages

Understanding Range Condition for Profitable Ranching

ByMartin H. Gonzalez

chapter 36|12 pages

Range Improvement Practices and Comparative Economics

ByMartin H. Gonzalez

chapter 37|8 pages

What Type of Grazing System for My Ranch . . .?

ByMartin H. Gonzalez

part 9|36 pages

Health, Disease, and Parasites

chapter 39|8 pages

Infectious Livestock Diseases: Their Worldwide Toll

ByHarry C. Mussman

chapter 40|6 pages

Impact of Animal Diseases in World Trade

ByHarry C. Mussman

chapter 41|5 pages

How to Tell Which Is the Lame Leg

ByWilliam C. McMullen

chapter 42|8 pages

Biology and Control of Insect Pests of Horses

ByR. O. Drummond

chapter 43|7 pages

Equine Health Maintenance Programs

ByR. Gene White

part 10|46 pages

Marketing, Economics, and Computer Technology

chapter 44|11 pages

Official AQHA Records for Marketing

ByRonald Blackwell

chapter 45|10 pages

AGNET: A National Computer System for Cattlemen

ByHarlan G. Hughes

chapter 46|7 pages

Rancher-Owned Microcomputer Systems: What's Available

ByHarlan G. Hughes

chapter 47|4 pages

Six Steps for a Cattleman to Take in Buying a Computer

ByHarlan G. Hughes

chapter 48|12 pages

Direct Delivery of Market Information through Rancher-Owned Microcomputers: A Research Report

ByHarlan G. Hughes, Robert Price, Doug Jose