This new volume emphasizes the drastic quantitative and qualitative transformation of our surrounding environment and looks at bioresource management and the tools needed to manageenvironmental stresses. This unique compilation and interpretation of concrete scientific ventures undertaken by environmental specialists at the global level explores research dedicated to the management of natural resources by controlling biotic and abiotic factors that make the earth vulnerable to these stresses.

The chapter authors look at all types of bioresources on earth and their management at times of stress/crisis, focusing on the need for documentation, validation, and recovery of ethnic indigenous knowledge and practices that could have great impact in stress management. The book looks at topics in nature and changing climate management, adaptation, and mitigation, such as the effects of climate change on agriculture and horticulture, on timber harvesting, and on forest resources.

Also specifically discussed are crop resources management, seed crops, tree seedlings, soil management, and conservation practices. The volume also includes chapters on animal resources management.

Part 1: Nature and Changing Climate Management, Adaptation, and Mitigation  1. Understanding the Value of Natural Resources for Human Well-Being  2. Climate Change and Agriculture in Kenya  3. Impact of Climate Changes, Timber Harvesting, and Fires on Boreal Forests (from Example of the Ural Mountains, Russia)  4. Climate Change and Horticulture: An Indian Perspective  Part 2: Forest Resources Management  5. Ecological Structure and Wood Volume of Prosopis Species (Mesquite) Communities in Northeast of Mexico  6. Research Advances on Native Economic Plants: Trees and Shrubs in Mexico  7. Plant Water Relations in Native Shrubs and Trees, Northeastern Mexico  8. Chemical Composition of Woods of 37 Woody Species of Tamaulipan Thorn Scrub, Northeast Mexico: A Case Study  9. Carbon Sequestration by Woody Trees and Shrubs in Northeastern Mexico: A Synthesis  10. Mangrove Forests and Plantations  Part 3: Crop Resources Management  11. Management of Seed Crops  12. Effect of Irrigation Frequency on Tree Seedling Production  13. Saline Soils: Strategies and Perspective to Counteract Salt Stress in Crops  14. Biopesticides for Sustainable Crop Protection and Improvement  15. Morphological Characterization of Phytopathogenic Fungi Isolated from Seeds of Barley Plants (Hordeum vulgare) in Mexico  16. Assessment of Plant Genetic Resources of Chili Germplasm  17. Ex-Situ Conservation of Chilli (Capsicum Spp.)  18. Conservation Practices May Yield Sustainable Resource  19. Phytochemistry of Medicinal Plants: Experimental Techniques  20. Phytoplankton and Toxic Threats  Part 4: Animal Resources Management  21. Protected Area Effectiveness for Fish Spawning Habitat in Relation to Earthquake-Induced Landscape Change  22. Minerals in Forage Consumed by White-Tailed Deer in Northeastern Mexico