First Published in 1984, this book offers a full, comprehensive guide into drug administration. Carefully compiled and filled with a vast repertoire of notes, pictures, and references this book serves as a useful reference for Students of Medicine, and other practitioners in their respective fields.

chapter Chapter 1|40 pages

Membrane–Controlled Reservoir Drug Delivery Systems

ByWilliam R. Good, Ping I. Lee

chapter Chapter 2|28 pages

Matrix Systems

ByJohn R. Cardinal

chapter Chapter 3|34 pages

Bioerodible Systems

ByJ. Heller

chapter Chapter 4|26 pages

Controlled Release from Polymers Containing Pendent Bioactive Substituents

ByFrank W. Harris

chapter Chapter 5|30 pages

Implantable Pumps

ByMichael V. Sefton

chapter Chapter 6|44 pages

Oral Controlled Release Systems

ByKinam Park, Ray W. Wood, Joseph R. Robinson

chapter Chapter 7|50 pages

Transdermal Controlled Release Systems

ByGary W. Cleary