Load Testing of Bridges, featuring contributions from almost fifty authors from around the world across two interrelated volumes, deals with the practical aspects, the scientific developments, and the international views on the topic of load testing of bridges.

Volume 12, Load Testing of Bridges: Current practice and Diagnostic Load Testing, starts with a background to bridge load testing, including the historical perspectives and evolutions, and the current codes and guidelines that are governing in countries around the world. The second part of the book deals with preparation, execution, and post-processing of load tests on bridges. The third part focuses on diagnostic load testing of bridges.

This work will be of interest to researchers and academics in the field of civil/structural engineering, practicing engineers and road authorities worldwide.

part I|69 pages

Background to Bridge Load Testing

chapter Chapter 1|6 pages


ByEva O. L. Lantsoght

chapter Chapter 2|19 pages

History of Load Testing of Bridges

ByMohamed K. ElBatanouny, Gregor Schacht, Guido Bolle

chapter Chapter 3|41 pages

Current Codes and Guidelines

ByEva O. L. Lantsoght

part II|82 pages

Preparation, Execution, and Post-Processing of Load Tests on Bridges

chapter Chapter 4|23 pages

General Considerations

ByEva O. L. Lantsoght, Jacob W. Schmidt

chapter Chapter 5|32 pages

Preparation of Load Tests

ByEva O. L. Lantsoght, Jacob W. Schmidt

chapter Chapter 6|12 pages

General Considerations for the Execution of Load Tests

ByEva O. L. Lantsoght, Jacob W. Schmidt

chapter Chapter 7|12 pages

Post-Processing and Bridge Assessment

ByEva O. L. Lantsoght, Jacob W. Schmidt

part III|138 pages

Diagnostic Load Testing of Bridges

chapter Chapter 8|26 pages

Methodology for Diagnostic Load Testing

ByEva O. L. Lantsoght, Jonathan Bonifaz, Telmo Andres Sanchez, Devin K. Harris

chapter Chapter 9|20 pages

Example Field Test to Load Rate a Prestressed Concrete Bridge

ByEli S. Hernandez, John J. Myers

chapter Chapter 10|16 pages

Example Load Test

Diagnostic Testing of a Concrete Bridge with a Large Skew Angle
ByMauricio Diaz Arancibia, Pinar Okumus

chapter Chapter 11|32 pages

Diagnostic Load Testing of Bridges – Background and Examples of Application

ByPiotr Olaszek, Joan R. Casas

chapter Chapter 12|42 pages

Field Testing of Pedestrian Bridges

ByDarius Bačinskas, Ronaldas Jakubovskis, Arturas Kilikevičius