This volume, based on fourteen papers from the Millennial Conference on Number Theory, represents surveys of topics in number theory and provides an outlook into the future of number theory research. It serves as an inspiration to graduate students and as a reference for research mathematicians.

Preface -- Completeness Problems and the Riemann Hypothesis: An Annotated Bibliography/Michel Balazard -- A Survey on Pure and Mixed Exponential Sums Modulo Prime Powers/Todd Cochrane and Zhiyong Zheng -- One Hundred Years of Normal Numbers/Glyn Harman -- On Theorems of Barban-Davenport-Halberstam Type/C. Hooley -- Integer Points, Exponential Sums and the Riemann Zeta Function/Μ. N. Huxley -- Recent Developments in Automorphic Forms and Applications/Wen-Ching Winnie Li -- Convergence of Corresponding Continued Fractions/Lisa Lorentzen -- On the Analytic Continuation of Various Multiple Zeta-Functions/Kohji Matsumoto -- Quelques Remarques sur la Theorie d’lwasawa des Courbes Elliptiques/Bernadette Perrin-Riou -- Computing Rational Points on Curves/Bjorn Poonen -- G. H. Hardy As I Knew Him/Robert A. Rankin -- Some Applications of Diophantine Approximation/R. Tijdeman -- Waring’s Problem: A Survey/R. C. Vaughan and T. D. Wooley -- Solving the Pell Equation/H C. Williams.