This book continues to be the definitive reference on drug metabolism with an emphasis on new scientific and regulatory developments. It has been updated based on developments that have occurred in the last 5 years, with new chapters on large molecules disposition, stereo-selectivity in drug metabolism, drug transporters and metabolic activation of drugs. Some chapters have been prepared by new authors who have emerged as subject area experts in the decade that has passed since publication of the first edition.

section Section I|1 pages

Fundamental Aspects of Drug Metabolism

chapter 1|14 pages

The Evolution of Drug Metabolism Research

ByPatrick J. Murphy

chapter 2|39 pages

Pharmacokinetics of Drug Metabolites

ByPhilip C. Smith

chapter 3|26 pages

The Cytochrome P450 Oxidative System

ByPaul R. Ortiz de Montellano

chapter 5|51 pages


ByRobert S. Foti, Upendra A. Argikar

section Section II|1 pages

Factors Which Affect Drug Metabolism

chapter 6|42 pages

Non-CYP Drug Metabolizing Enzymes and Their Reactions

ByShuguang Ma, Ryan H. Takahashi, Yong Ma, Sudheer Bobba, Donglu Zhang, S. Cyrus Khojasteh

chapter 7|18 pages

The Genetic Basis of Variation in Drug Metabolism and Toxicity

ByTore Bjerregaard Stage, Deanna L. Kroetz

chapter 8|29 pages

Inhibition of Drug Metabolizing Enzymes

ByF. Peter Guengerich

chapter 10|36 pages

Sites of Extra Hepatic Metabolism, Part I: The Airways and Lung

ByJohn G. Lamb, Christopher A. Reilly

chapter 11|24 pages

Sites of Extra Hepatic Metabolism, Part II: Gut

ByDan-Dan Tian, Emily J. Cox, Mary F. Paine

chapter 12|26 pages

Sites of Extra Hepatic Metabolism, Part III: Kidney

ByLawrence H. Lash

section Section III|1 pages

Technologies to Study Drug Metabolism

chapter 14|21 pages

The Role of NMR as a Qualitative and Quantitative Analytical Technique in Biotransformation Studies

ByGregory S. Walker, Raman Sharma, Shuai Wang

chapter 15|17 pages

In Vitro Metabolism: Subcellular Fractions

ByMichael A. Mohutsy

chapter 16|38 pages

Drug Interaction Studies in the Drug Development Process: Studies In Vitro

ByR. Scott Obach, Kimberly Lapham

chapter 17|17 pages

Enzyme Induction Studies in Drug Discovery and Development

ByJoshua G. Dekeyser, Jan L. Wahlstrom

chapter 18|37 pages

Transporters in Drug Discovery and Development

ByYaofeng Cheng, Yurong Lai

chapter 19|25 pages

Experimental Characterization of Cytochrome P450 Mechanism-Based Inhibition

ByDan Rock, Michael Schrag, Larry C. Wienkers

section Section IV|1 pages

Applications of Metabolism Studies in Drug Discovery and Development

chapter 20|26 pages

Clinical Drug Metabolism

ByKirk R. Henne, George R. Tonn, Bradley K. Wong

chapter 21|27 pages

Managing Metabolic Activation Issues in Drug Discovery

BySanjeev Kumar, Kaushik Mitra, Thomas A. Baillie

chapter 22|15 pages

Kinetic Differences between Generated and Preformed Metabolites: A Dilemma in Risk Assessment

ByThomayant Prueksaritanont, Jiunn H. Lin

chapter 23|18 pages

Numerical Approaches to Drug Metabolism Kinetics and Pharmacokinetics

ByKen Korzekwa, Swati Nagar

chapter 24|27 pages

Active Metabolites in Drug Development

BySylvie E. Kandel, Jed N. Lampe

chapter 25|12 pages

ADME of Antibody Drug Conjugates

ByJiajie Yu, Cinthia Pastuskovas, Brooke M. Rock

chapter 26|19 pages

Managing Reactive Metabolites in Drug Discovery and Development

ByAmit S. Kalgutkar

chapter 27|25 pages

Applications of 14C Accelerator Mass Spectrometry in Drug Development

ByRaju Subramanian, Mark Seymour