This volume presents the proceedings of the Seventh International Colloquium on Finite or Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis held in Fukuoka, Japan. The contributions offer multiple perspectives and numerous research examples on complex variables, Clifford algebra variables, hyperfunctions and numerical analysis.

chapter |20 pages

Modular Space for Complete Intersection Curve-Singularities

ByA. G. Aleksandrov

chapter |8 pages

Quasinormability of Vector Valued Sequence Spaces

ByFernando Blasco

chapter |6 pages

Holomorphic Mappings and Cardinality

ByChristopher Boyd

chapter |12 pages

Approximation Numbers for Polynomials

ByH.-A. Braunss, H. Junek, E. Plewnia

chapter |8 pages

Applications of Laguerre Calculus to Dirichlet Problem of the Heisenberg Laplacian

ByDer-Chen Chang, Jingzhi Tie

chapter |8 pages

The Pisier-Schiitt Theorem for Spaces of Polynomials

ByAndreas Defant, Juan Carlos Díaz, Domingo Garcia, Manuel Maestre

chapter |6 pages

Canonical v. Functional Extensions of Holomorphic Functions

BySean Dineen

chapter |10 pages

On the Double Series Expansion with Harmonic Components

ByKeiko Fujita

chapter |8 pages

Extension of Pluriharmonic Functions in Locally Convex Spaces

ByYukio Fukushima

chapter |8 pages

Regeneration in Complex, Quaternionic, and Clifford Analysis

ByYukio Fukushima

chapter |6 pages

Schauder Decompositions of Weighted Spaces of Holomorphic Functions

ByDomingo Garcia, Manuel Maestre, Pilar Rueda

chapter |8 pages

Univalent C 1 Mappings on the Unit Ball in CR

ByHidetaka Hamada, Gabriela Kohr

chapter |6 pages

The Growth Theorem of Biholomorphic

ByTatsuhiro Honda

chapter |10 pages

Stability of Solutions for Singular Integral Equations for Two Classes in Locally Convex Spaces

ByChuan-Gan Hu, Jian-Hua Jia, Chao Liu

chapter |8 pages

The Nevanlinna's First Main Theorem for Holomorphic Hermitian Line Bundles

ByHu Chuan-Gan, Ye Xiu-Fang

chapter |12 pages

On Distortion Theorem for iV-Set Quasiconformai Mappings

ByHuang Xinzhong

chapter |10 pages

Monodromy of a Holomorphic Family of Riemann Surfaces

ByYoichi Imayoshi, Ito Manabu, Hiroshi Yamamoto

chapter |22 pages

Characterizations of Holomorphy of Domains through Validity of Theorem A, B or Oka's Principle

ByJoji Kajiwara, Yukio Fukushima, Lin Li, Xiao Dong Li

chapter |8 pages

Envelope of Biregularity and OConvexity in Clifford Analysis

ByJoji Kajiwara, Dong-Guo Zhou

chapter |4 pages

On a Representative Domain in Matrix Space

ByTadayoshi Kanemaru

chapter |6 pages

A New Approximation of the Navier-Stokes Equations

ByHisako Kato

chapter |8 pages

Généralisation du Produit de Blaschke dansleBidisque-Unité

ByKazuko Katô

chapter |6 pages


ByBoris S. Khots

chapter |4 pages

On the Arithmetic-Geometric Mean Inequality

ByErn Gun Kwon, Kwang Ho Shon

chapter |22 pages

Some New Results of Clifford Analysis in Higher Dimensions

ByLe Hung Son

chapter |6 pages

Existence of the Solutions of the Cauchy-Riemann Equations

ByJinkee Lee, Kwang Ho Shon

chapter |8 pages

On Two Questions in Clifford Analysis and Octonion Analysis

ByLi Xing-min

chapter |8 pages

An Inequality of Teichmiiller’s Distance

ByLi Zhong

chapter |6 pages

Holomorphic Mappings and Weak Continuity

ByLuiza Amalia de Moraes

chapter |6 pages

A Characterization of Analytic Functional on the Sphere I

ByMitsuo Morimoto, Masanori Suwa

chapter |8 pages

Ideals of Holomorphic Functions on Infinite Dimensional Spaces

ByJorge Mujica

chapter |8 pages

Local Cohomology and Ideal of Partial Differential Operators

ByYayoi Nakamura

chapter |1 pages

The Extension of Holomorphic Functions on a Nuclear Space

ByMasaru Nishihara

chapter |6 pages

Characterization of Clifford Differentiable Functions

ByKiyoharu Nono

chapter |8 pages

Hamiltonian Algorithm for Sound Synthesis

ByKen’ichi Ohya, Kazumasa Shinjo

chapter |16 pages

Boundary Behavior of Nonlocally Convex Vector-Valued Hardy Classes in the Complex Ball

ByCaiheng Ouyang, Zeqian Chen

chapter |8 pages

Numerical Simulation of Air Core Magnet in 3 Dimensions under PVM Environment

ByVadla Mohammad Raffee, Renuka Rajput, Nikhil Dhoble, Anil Rawat, Shriram Padmakar Mhaskar

chapter |16 pages

Dynamics of Transcendental Meromorphic Functions

ByA. P. Singh

chapter |8 pages

Exponential Forms with Exponential Growth

ByRoberto Luiz Soraggi

chapter |8 pages

Grothendieck Duality and Hermite-Jacobi Formula

Edited ByShinichi Tajima

chapter 55|12 pages

Finely Holomorphic Functions in Contour-Solid and Cluster Problems

ByPromarz M. Tamrazov

chapter 58|34 pages

Special Reflexive Modules and the First Chern Class

ByMild Tsuji

chapter 59|8 pages

Normality and Julia Sets

ByYuefei Wang

chapter |40 pages

Some Results on Extremal Quasiconformal Mappings

ByWu Shengjian

chapter |12 pages

α-Normal Functions and Complex Differential Equations

ByHasi Wulan

chapter |6 pages

On Estimate for Some Bilinear Forms

ByMamoni Yoshida