This comprehensive reference summarizes the proceedings and keynote presentations from a recent conference held in Brussels, Belgium. Offering 1155 display equations, this volume contains original research and survey papers as well as contributions from world-renowned algebraists. It focuses on new results in classical Hopf algebras as well as the

chapter |20 pages

Morita Contexts for Corings and Equivalences

ByJawad Abuhlail

chapter |10 pages

Hopf Order Module Algebra Orders

ByFarahat S. Aly, Freddy Van Oystaeyen

chapter |24 pages

An alternative notion of Hopf Algebroid

ByGabriella Böhm

chapter |16 pages

Topological Hopf Algebras, Quantum Groups and Deformation Quantization

ByPhilippe Bonneau, Daniel Sternheimer

chapter |18 pages

On Coseparable and Biseparable Corings

ByThomas Brzezinski, Lars Kadison, Robert Wisbauer

chapter |24 pages

More Properties of Yetter-Drinfeld Modules over Quasi-Hopf Algebras

ByDaniel Bulacu, Stefaan Caenepeel, Florin Panaite

chapter |24 pages

Rationality Properties for Morita Contexts associated to Corings

ByStefaan Caenepeel, Joost Vercruysse, Shuanhong Wang

chapter |18 pages

Morita Duality for Corings over Quasi-Frobenius Rings

ByL. E.L. Kaoutit, José Gomez Torrecillas

chapter |12 pages

Quantized Coinvariants at Transcendental q

ByK. R. Goodearl, T. H. Lenagan

chapter |14 pages

The Affineness Criterion for Doi-Koppinen Modules

ByClaudia Menini, Gigel Militaru

chapter |16 pages

Algebra Properties invariant under Twisting

BySusan Montgomery

chapter |12 pages

Quantum SL(3, ℂ)’s: the missing case

ByChristian Ohn

chapter |12 pages

Cuntz Algebras and Dynamical Quantum Group SU (2)

ByA. Paolucci

chapter |12 pages

On Symbolic Computations in Braided Monoidal Categories

ByBodo Pareigis

chapter |10 pages

Quotients of Finite Quasi-Hopf Algebras

ByPeter Schauenburg

chapter |18 pages

Adjointable Monoidal Functors and Quantum Groupoids

ByKornel Szlachanyi

chapter |12 pages

On Galois Corings

ByRobert Wisbauer