This book was written with the belief that everyone globally has the right to a safe and healthy workplace. An 8-year old carrying bricks in the mid-day sun in Nepal, a pharmaceutical business executive on assignment in Bangladesh, or a mother polishing stone in her home in Tanzania; each has a fundamental right to a workplace free from risk of injury, illness, and death.

Global Occupational Safety and Health Management Handbook is a broad presentation and discussion of the issues and obstacles facing the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) profession today in providing safe workplaces globally. Readers can use this book to find resources to assist in the development of their programs and to become informed about the basic structures of international OSH development and governance. Readers can also rely on this book to become more aware of global OSH issues and problems that they may be personally or professionally willing and able to help address. Seasoned OSH professionals can expect to learn about new ways to look at complicated and controversial topics. Young professionals and students can read this book to better understand the important global OSH interrelationships and challenges of the future.


  • Serves as a one-stop resource for information on important international safety and health topics and issues
  • Provides detailed information about international OSH tripartite, nongovernmental, and professional organizations
  • Describes the various global OSH educational and professional development needs, and international approaches to expanding capacity and awareness of the profession
  • Discusses controversial international OSH working conditions and explains their global impacts

chapter 5|15 pages

Risk Assessment

Global Perspectives

chapter 15|22 pages

Child Labor