This book focuses on the management of children with fecal incontinence and constipation. Despite accurate anatomic reconstruction, many children still suffer from a variety of functional bowel problems. These include not only children with congenital anatomic problems such as anorectal malformations and Hirschsprung disease, but also includes the huge population of children who suffer from constipation, with or without soiling, and a large spinal population (spina bifida) who have bowel problems.

part I|1 pages

Bowel management

chapter 1|9 pages

General guidelines for bowel management

ByStephanie J. Vyrostek

chapter 2|5 pages

Bowel management program setup: The basics and long-term follow-up

ByStephanie J. Vyrostek, Laura J. Weaver

part II|2 pages

Anorectal malformations

part IV|1 pages

Spinal Anomalies

part V|2 pages

Functional constipation

chapter 18|8 pages

A case of diffuse colonic dysmotility

BySarah Driesbach

chapter 19|5 pages

A patient with chronic constipation and sphincter dysfunction

BySarah Driesbach

chapter 20|4 pages

A patient with severe functional constipation, fecal impaction, and no soiling

ByJulie Zipfel, Marc A. Levitt

chapter 21|6 pages

A patient with severe functional constipation, fecal impaction, and soiling

ByJulie Zipfel, Marc A. Levitt

chapter 25|2 pages

A young adult with intractable constipation and diffuse colonic dysmotility

ByAlessandra Gasior, Amber Traugott

chapter 26|2 pages

A young adult with pelvic floor dyssynergia

ByAlessandra Gasior, Amber Traugott

chapter 27|4 pages

A patient with severe constipation and a behavioral disorder

ByKatrina Hall, Charae Keys, Rose Lucey Schroedl

chapter 28|3 pages

A young adult with incontinence after a low anterior resection

ByAlicia Finn, Scott Lake, Amber Traugott

chapter 29|6 pages

Two adults with incontinence after childbirth

ByStephanie Dolan, Amber Traugott, Pooja Zahora

chapter 30|3 pages

A young adult with rectal pain and fecal urgency who is a candidate for sacral nerve stimulation

ByAlessandra Gasior, Amber Traugott

chapter 31|7 pages

An adult with soiling following an ileoanal pouch

ByAlicia Finn, Amber Traugott

part VI|1 pages


chapter 32|6 pages

Which X-ray is worse?

ByOnnalisa Nash

chapter 33|6 pages

Interesting radiological findings

ByOnnalisa Nash, Marc A. Levitt

part VII|1 pages


chapter 34|9 pages

Colorectal surgical myths

ByJulie M. Choueiki

part VIII|1 pages

Medication Protocols

chapter 35|8 pages

Medication protocols

ByMeghan Fisher, Onnalisa Nash