Because of the long life of a coconut palm--sixty to eighty years--and the relatively wide spacing the plants require, every coconut grower faces the problem of how to manage the land beneath the palms. Many of the small-scale farmers who manage over 90 percent of the 6 million hectares of coconut palms in the world have learned that raising cattle or other livestock under the palms can be profitable, as well as an effective method of controlling weeds. This book reviews current knowledge on this productive farming system, drawing on research results and experiences of successful farmers. Well illustrated with photographs from producing areas, the book includes information on the management of both natural (unimproved) and improved pastures.

chapter 1|18 pages


ByDonald L. Plucknett

chapter 2|27 pages

Cultural Requirements of Coconuts

ByDonald L. Plucknett

chapter 3|44 pages

Understory Cover Management in Coconuts

ByDonald L. Plucknett

chapter 4|24 pages

Intercropping with Coconuts

ByDonald L. Plucknett

chapter 5|21 pages

Natural Pastures

ByD. L. Plucknett, Flemming I. Ericksen

chapter 6|16 pages

Planting and Establishing Pastures Under Coconuts

ByDonald L. Plucknett

chapter 7|37 pages

Improved Pastures

ByDonald L. Plucknett

chapter 8|44 pages

Improved Pasture Species

ByDonald L. Plucknett

chapter 9|33 pages

Managing Cattle Under Coconuts

ByFlemming I. Ericksen, D. L. Plucknett

chapter 10|10 pages

Special Problems and Considerations for Small Farmers

ByDonald L. Plucknett

chapter 11|13 pages

Research, Research Needs, and Future Outlook

ByDonald L. Plucknett