The first study to focus specifically on the economics of agricultural trade issues in centrally planned economies, this volume contains recent findings of economists who have examined the decisionmaking processes and the trends that relate to agricultural trade with the West by Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union, and China. Future prospects for agri

chapter 4|23 pages

Import Response, Foreign Exchange Allocation and Inconvertibility in the Centrally Planned Economies

ByJames R. Jones, Hassan Mohammadi, C. S. Kim, Joel R. Hamilton

chapter 5|30 pages

The Centrally Planned Countries’ Livestock Product and Feed Grain Systems

ByKenneth B. Young, Gail L. Cramer

chapter 6|28 pages

China: An Enigma in the World Grain Trade

ByC. Peter Timmer, James R. Jones

chapter 7|40 pages

Agricultural Trade Implications of COMECON 1981–1985 Plans

ByStephen C. Schmidt

chapter 8|31 pages

Doing Business with CPEs and Marketing Strategies for Western Exporters

ByArvin R. Bunker, James R. Jones, Dennis M. Conley