Bovine somatotropin, or bST, a growth hormone genetically engineered to increase milk production in dairy cows, highlights the controversial issues of biotechnology and its widespread use. Focusing on the problems inherent in new and radically different technologies, this book develops a methodology for examining bST and other biotechnological deve

part One|50 pages

Biotechnology and Society

chapter 1|30 pages

Emerging Trends, Consequences, and Policy Issues in Agricultural Biotechnology

ByWilliam B. Lacy, Laura R. Lacy, Lawrence Busch

chapter 2|18 pages

Ethical Issues and BST

ByPaul B. Thompson

part Two|91 pages

Bovine Somatotropin and the Animal

chapter 3|19 pages

BST and Dairy Cow Performance

ByLawrence D. Muller

chapter 4|26 pages

Management of BST-Supplemented Cows

ByR. A. Patton, C. W. Heald

chapter 5|43 pages

BST and Animal Health

ByDale A. Moore, Lawrence J. Hutchinson

part Three|75 pages

Bovine Somatotropin and the Dairy Sector

chapter 6|31 pages

Economic Evaluation of BST for Onfarm Use

ByL. J. (Bees) Butler

chapter 7|16 pages

Potential Adoption and Diffusion of BST Among Dairy Farmers

ByRobert D. Yonkers

chapter 8|13 pages

BST Impacts on Resource Needs and on Beef and Veal Output

ByGeorge L. Greaser

chapter 9|11 pages

Impact of BST on Small Versus Large Dairy Farms

ByLoren W. Tauer

part Four|72 pages

Bovine Somatotropin and the Market Place

chapter 10|22 pages

BST and the Price of Milk and Dairy Products

ByR. F. Fallen, M. C. Hallberg

chapter 11|22 pages

Consumer Responses to Milk from BST-Supplemented Cows

ByBlair J. Smith, Rex H. Warland

chapter 12|6 pages

Food Safety and Product Quality

ByManfred Kroger

chapter 13|20 pages

BST and International Agricultural Trade and Policy

ByHarald von Witzke, Claus-Hennig Hanf

part Five|11 pages

Policy Conclusions

chapter 14|9 pages

BST: Issues, Facts, and Controversies

ByM. C. Hallberg