New Frontiers in Nanochemistry: Concepts, Theories, and Trends, Volume 1: Structural Nanochemistry is the first volume of the new three-volume set that explains and explores the important concepts from various areas within the nanosciences. This first volume focuses on structural nanochemistry and encompasses the general fundamental aspects of nanochemistry while simultaneously incorporating crucial material from other fields, in particular mathematic and natural sciences, with specific attention to multidisciplinary chemistry.

Under the broad expertise of the editor, the volume contains 50 concise yet comprehensive entries from world-renowned scholars, alphabetically organizing a multitude of essential basic and advanced concepts, ranging from algebraic chemistry to new energy technology, from the bondonic theory of chemistry to spintronics, and from fractal dimension and kinetics to quantum dots and tight binding—and much more. The entries contain definitions, short characterizations, uses and usefulness, limitations, references, and more.

1. Algebraic Chemistry (AC)  2. Alkanes (A)  3. The Anharmonic Correction of Normal Mode Vibrations (ANHARM)  4. Aromaticity  5. Bose Einstein Condensation (BEC)  6. Bondonic Theory (BOND-TH)  7. Chemical Modeling  8. Coherent States  9. Chemical Orthogonal Space (COS)  10. Electrochemical Impedance (ELIMP)  11. Electromagnetic Signals in Nanosystems (EMS)  12. Entropy in Physics & Chemistry (ENT)  13. Excitons 14. Electron Localization Function (ELF)  15. Families of Molecular Descriptors (FMDS)  16. Fractal Dimension (FD)  17. Fractal Kinetics (FK)  18. Fredholm Integral Equation in Electrochemistry (FRINEQEL)  19. Hydrogen – The First Atom (H-FA)  20. Helium (HE)  21. Helical Symmetry (HEL)  22. Hydrocarbon Burning (HCB)  23. Information Entropy (IE)  24. Intermolecular Force Parameters  25. Ionic Configurations (IC’S)  26. Ionization Potentials (IP’S)  27. Mass Transfer in Electrochemistry (MASSTRANSFELCH)  28. Molecular Classification (MC)  29. Molecular Devices and Machines  30. Molecular Dynamics Calculation (MD)  31. Monte Carlo Molecular Simulations  32. Nanotubes (NT)  33. New Energy Technology/NET  34. The Orbital Exponent Efficacy to Study the Periodic Parameters  35. Periodic Arch (PA)  36. Periodic Law (PL)  37. Periodic Property (PP)  38. Periodic Table (PT)  39. ����-���� Interaction in Fullerenes (����-����)  40. Proton Mediated Molecular Clusters (PROTBRIDGE)  41. Pyrimidines (PYR)  42. Quantum Dot (QD)  43. Quantum Electrochemistry (QTMELCH)  44. Self-Organization (SO)  45. Self-Organizing Processes (SO)  46. Spin Transport Electronics (SPINTRONICS)  47. Supramolecular Chemistry  48. Tetrahedral Dual Coordinate System of Electron Orbital and Quantum Loop Theories in Three and Six Dimensions (TDCS)  49. Tight Binding Calculation (TB)  50. Z-Partition Function