Understanding surfaces and interfaces is a key challenge for those working on hybrid nanomaterials and where new imaging and analysis spectroscopy/electron microscopy responses are vital. The variability and site recognition of biopolymers, such as DNA molecules, offer a wide range of opportunities for the self-organization of wire nanostructures into much more complex patterns, while the combination of 1D nanostructures consisting of biopolymers and inorganic compounds opens up a number of scientific and technological opportunities. This book discusses the novel synthesis of nanomaterials and their hybrid composites; nanobiocomposites; transition metal oxide nanocomposites; spectroscopic and electron microscopic studies; social, ethical, and regulatory implications of various aspects of nanotechnology; and significant foreseeable applications of some key hybrid nanomaterials. The book also looks at how technology might be used in the future, estimating, where possible, the likely timescales in which the most far-reaching applications of technology might become a reality. Current research trends and potential future advances, such as nanomaterials, nanometrology, electronics, optoelectronics, and nanobiotechnology, are discussed, in addition to the benefits they are currently providing in the short, medium, and long terms. Furthermore, the book explains the current and possible future industrial applications of nanotechnology, examines some of the barriers to its adoption by industry, and identifies what environmental, health and safety, ethical, or societal implications or uncertainties may arise from the use of the technology, both current and future.

chapter Chapter 1|62 pages

Graphene-Based Polymer Nanocomposites for Sensor Applications

BySrinivasan Krishnan, Ravisankar Tadiboyina, Murthy Chavali, Maria P. Nikolova, Ren-Jang Wu, Da Bian, Yeau-Ren Jeng, P.T.S.R.K. Prasada Rao, Periasamy Palanisamy, Sudhakar Reddy Pamanji

chapter Chapter 2|48 pages

Facile Synthesis and Applications of Polyaniline/TiO2 Hybrid Nanocomposites

ByHafeez Anwar, Yasir Javed, Iram Arif, Uswa Javeed

chapter Chapter 3|56 pages

Metal Oxide Nanocomposites: Cytotoxicity and Targeted Drug Delivery Applications

ByJaison Jeevanandam, Yen S. Chan, Sharadwata Pan, Michael K. Danquah

chapter Chapter 4|48 pages

Polymer Matrix Nanocomposites: Recent Advancements and Applications

ByAmit Rastogi, Kaushik Pal

chapter Chapter 5|32 pages

Ion-Exchange Nanocomposites: Avant garde Materials for Electrodialysis

ByShaswat Barua, Swagata Baruah, Rocktotpal Konwarh

chapter Chapter 6|38 pages

Cellulose and Nanocellulose Derivatives from Lignocellulosic Biomass in Nanocomposite Applications

ByNurhidayatullaili Binti Muhd Julkapli, You Wei Chen, Hwei Voon Lee

chapter Chapter 7|48 pages

Gold–Iron Oxide Nanohybrids: Characterization and Biomedical Applications

ByYasir Javed, M. Irfan Hussain, Muhammad Yaseen, Muhammad Asif

chapter Chapter 9|24 pages

Natural Polymer-based Bionanocomposites as Smart Adsorbents for Removal of Metal Contaminants from Water

ByAnamika Kalita, Pranjal Barman

chapter Chapter 10|32 pages

Processing of Nanocomposite Solar Cells in Optical Applications

ByKhuram Ali, Yasir Javed