Pre-harvest sprouting of cereals results in large economic losses each year for producers around the world. This volume, an outgrowth of the 1982 symposium held in Winnipeg, Canada, presents scientific research conducted internationally since 1978 and geared toward solving the problem of pre-harvest sprouting. Its multidisciplinary approach incorporates the perspectives of plant breeders, physiologists, and biochemists to provide a rounded discussion of the possible alternatives.

part |7 pages


chapter |5 pages

Progress and Prospect in Sprouting Research

ByVolkmar Stoy

section Section I|77 pages

Physiology of Pre-Harvest Sprouting

chapter |11 pages

The Physiology of Pre-Harvest Sprouting—A Review

ByR. W. King

chapter |7 pages

Gibberellic Acid Insensitivity Genes and Pre-Harvest Sprouting Damage Resistance

ByD. J. Mares, F. W. Ellison, N. F. Derera

chapter |7 pages

Ear Wetting and Pre-Harvest Sprouting of Wheat

ByR. W. King, H. Chadim

chapter |8 pages

Temperature-Moisture Interactions as a Factor in Germination and Dormancy

ByW. Woodbury, T. J. Wiebe

chapter |8 pages

A Possible Role for the Pericarp in Control of Germination and Dormancy of Wheat

ByW. Woodbury, T. J. Wiebe

chapter |6 pages

Effects of Various Saccharides on Gibberellic Acid Sensitivity of Avena fatua Seed

ByA.L.P. Cairns, O. T. de Villiers

chapter |7 pages

Falling Numbers and Alpha-Amylase in Sawfly-Resistant Wheats

ByT. N. McCaig, R. M. De Pauw

section Section II|131 pages

Chemistry of Pre-Harvest Sprouting

chapter |9 pages

Separation of Wheat Alpha-Amylase Isoenzymes by Chromatofocusing

ByB. A. Marchylo, J. E. Kruger

chapter |6 pages

Alpha-Amylase Genes in Wheat

ByM. D. Gale

chapter |8 pages

Differences in Falling Number at Constant Alpha-Amylase Activity

ByKåre Ringlund

chapter |6 pages

The Role of the Amylograph in Assessing Sprout Damage

ByPeter Meredith

chapter |7 pages

Some Experiences with Monitoring Alpha-Amylase Levels in Canadian Wheat

ByJ. E. Kruger, K. H. Tipples

chapter |7 pages

Nephelometric Determination of Added Alpha-Amylase in Cereal-Based Products

ByE. H. Asp, P. M. Ranum, L. Tooker Midness

chapter |8 pages

Observations on the Development of the Testa and Pericarp in Barley

ByM. P. Cochrane, C. M. Duffus

chapter |7 pages

Cereal Endosperm Degradation During Initial Stages of Germination

ByA. W. MacGregor

chapter |7 pages

Carbohydrates and Germination Inhibitors During Corn Seed Maturation and Germination

ByMaría Luisa Ortega-Delgado, Ofelia Vega-Vásquez

chapter |9 pages

Fluridone Induction of Vivipary During Maize Seed Development

ByFranklin Fong, Don E. Koehler, James D. Smith

chapter |7 pages

Role of Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase in Corn Seed Germination

ByEstela Sánchez de Jiménez, Jesús Quiroz

chapter |9 pages

Hydrolysis of Endosperm Protein in Zea mays (W64A × W182E)

ByA. Oaks, M. J. Winspear, S. Misra

section Section III|75 pages

Plant Breeding and Genetic Aspects of Pre-Harvest Sprouting

chapter |10 pages

Sprouting Variability in Diverse Triticum spp. Germplasms

ByI. L. Gordon

chapter |5 pages

Sprouting Resistance in Barley

ByB. L. Harvey, B. G. Rossnagel, R. P. Muderewich

chapter |9 pages

Recombining Dormancy from RL 4137 with White Seed Color

ByR. M. De Pauw, T. N. McCaig

chapter |7 pages

Pre-Harvest Sprouting—The South African Situation for Seed Dormancy in Barley

ByG. F. Marais, W.J.G. Kruis

chapter |5 pages

Inheritance Studies in Dormancy in Three Wheat Crosses

ByG. M. Bhatt, F. W. Ellison, D. J. Mares