This volume focuses on approaches towards a better understanding of the geological, hydrogeological and paleoclimatic evolution of Northeast Africa. Among the topics discussed are Phanerozoic interplate dynamics, sedimentology and stratigraphy, and mineral deposits and metallogeny.

part 1|181 pages

1 Precambrian evolution

chapter 3|5 pages

Towards a comprehensive structural synthesis of the (Proterozoic) Arabian-Nubian Shield in E.Egypt

ByR.O. Greiling, M. E. El Ramly, A.A. Rashwan, G. M. Kamal El Din

chapter 5|4 pages

Kinematics of Panafrican thrusting and extension in Egypt

ByE. Wallbrecher, H. Fritz, A.A. Khudeir, F. Farahad

chapter 7|5 pages

Igneous and structural relations in the Pan-African Hammamat Group, Igla Basin, Egypt

ByA. H. N. Rice, M.F. Sadek, A.A. Rashwan

chapter 8|5 pages

Preliminary comparison of six late- to post-Pan-African molasse basins, E. Desert, Egypt

ByA.H.N. Rice, A.F. Osman, M. M. Abdeen, M. F. Sadek, A. I. Ragab

chapter 9|1 pages

Zabargad Island: A detached block from the Eastern Desert or a raised upper mantle

ByA. Khudeir, M. El-Haddad, S. El-Gaby

chapter 10|5 pages

The Sa’al Group: An ensialic island arc sequence in Sinai

ByAryeh E. Shimron, Ron Bogoch, Harald Fumes, David Roberts

chapter 14|3 pages

On the location of the boundary between the Nubian Shield and the old African continent: Inferences from U-Pb (zircon) and common Pb data

ByM. Sultana, R.D. Tucker, R.I. Gharbawi, A. I. Ragab, Z. El Alfy

chapter 16|3 pages

Evidence for a new Late Proterozoic suture in Northern Sudan

ByH. Schandelmeier, D. Küster, E. Wipfler, E.M. Abdel Rahman, R.J. Stern, M.G. Abdelsalam, M. Sultan

chapter 17|3 pages

Evolution of the south-western part of the Atmur-Delgo suture

ByT. Denkler, G. Franz, H. Schandelmeier, U. Harms, D.P.F. Darbyshire, J. Pilot

chapter 18|2 pages

Lithology and structure of the Sulb Series (Atmur-Delgo suture, Wadi Halfa Province, Sudan)

ByB. El Hur, A.S. Dawoud, D. Landwehr, T. Denkler, G. Franz

chapter 19|6 pages

Evolution of the Keraf Back-Arc Basin: Constraints on the Nubian Shield margin

ByE.M. Abdel Rahman, G. Matheis, H. Schandelmeier, M. A. Karfis, I. Abdel Gadir, M. El Khedir

chapter 21|5 pages

Timing of events along the Nakasib suture and the Oko shear zone, Sudan

ByMohamed G. Abdelsalam, Robert J. Stern

chapter 25|5 pages

Structural evolution of the Oko shear zone, Sudan

ByMohamed G. Abdelsalam

chapter 26|5 pages

The dyke swarms of the north-eastern Sudan

ByJohn R. Vail

chapter 29|5 pages

Geodynamic significance of contrasting Pan-African granitoid types in Somalia

ByJ.L. Lenoir, J.P. Liégeois, D. Küster, A. Utke, G. Mathiesxs, A. Haider

chapter 31|5 pages

PT conditions and geochemistry of the Late Precambrian charnockites, enderbites and granites of J. Moya, Sudan

BySalah Bishir, A.S. Dawoud, Robert J. Stern

chapter 33|5 pages

Pan-African assembly of terranes in the Tuareg shield

ByL. Latouche, R. Black, J.P. Liégeois

chapter 34|5 pages

Granulite facies metamorphism and P-T evolution in the Mozambique Belt of Tanzania

ByPeter Appel, Andreas Möller, Volker Schenk, Sospeter Muhongo

part 2|144 pages

Phanerozoic intraplate dynamics

chapter 36|4 pages

Changes in plate motions and their control on the subsidence of rifted basins in the African plate

ByM.E. Janssen, R.A. Stephenson, S. Cloetingh

chapter 37|7 pages

Pangean depositional sequences between Karoo and Lut

ByH. Wopfner

chapter 39|4 pages

Cretaceous rifting and basin inversion in Central Africa

ByR. Guiraud, J.C. Maurin

chapter 42|5 pages

Spatial and temporal relationship between alkaline magmatism and early rifting in north/central Sudan

ByH. Schandelmeier, P.O. Reynolds, D. Küster

chapter 43|4 pages

Late Cretaceous igneous activity in the Delgo uplift (Northern Province, Sudan)

ByG. Franz, U. Harms, T. Denkler, P. Pasteels

chapter 44|5 pages

Recent advances on the geology of northeast Libya

ByA.L. Mansouri, B. Thusu, A. El-Arnauti

chapter 46|5 pages

Basin evolution of the northern margins of the Arabo-Nubian craton during Maastrichtian-Paleocene times

ByA. Flexer, A. Rosenfeld, S. Ilani, F. Hirsch

chapter 47|5 pages

New constraints on Red Sea rifting

ByM. Sultan, R. Becker, R.E. Arvidsori, P. Shore, R.J. Stern, Zeinhom El Alfy, Rasmi I. Attia

chapter 49|4 pages

Plio-Quaternary tectonics and sedimentation in the SW Gulf of Suez and N. Red Sea

ByB.H. Purser, F. Orszag-Sperber, J.C. Plaziat, M. Rioual

chapter 50|3 pages

Evaporitic sedimentation and its relation to rifting in the NW part of the Egyptian Red Sea coast

ByF. Orszag-Sperber, J.C. Plaziat, B.H. Purser

chapter 51|9 pages

Origin and evaluation of hydrocarbons in the Gulf of Suez basin, Egypt

ByA. Mostafa, E. Klitzsch, G. Matheis, H. Ganz

chapter 53|5 pages

Structures related to Red Sea evolution in northern Eritrea

ByS.A. Drury

chapter 55|5 pages

The Meidob volcanic field, Darfur Dome, Sudan

ByG. Urlacher, G. Franz

chapter 56|4 pages

Volcanism and extension between the Main Ethiopian and Gregory rifts

ByC.J. Ebinger, D.C. Rex, T. Yemane, S. Kelley

chapter 58|2 pages

Quantification of erosion in the Central Kenya Rift using digital elevation models (DEM)

BySigrid Roessner, Manfred R. Strecker

chapter 59|2 pages

The volcano-tectonic evolution of the Chyulu Hills, South Kenya

ByGerald Haug, Manfred R.Strecker

chapter 62|4 pages

Plio/Pleistocene nearshore lacustrine record of Lake Malawi (East Africa)

ByC. Betzler, F. Schrenk, U. Ring, T.G. Bromage

part 3|148 pages

Sedimentology & stratigraphy

chapter 63|5 pages

Problems of correlation in the Nubian Sandstone Facies

ByAdolf Seilacher

chapter 64|6 pages

Cambro-Ordovician bauxitic laterites of NW-Sudan

ByK. Germann, M. Wipki, T. Schwarz

chapter 64a|4 pages

Silurian paleogeography of NE Africa and Arabia – An updated interpretation

ByE. Klitzsch, A. Semtner

chapter 68|5 pages

The Jurassic of Northern Somalia: Stratigraphy and facies

ByW. Mette

chapter 70|6 pages

Cretaceous palaeoecology, palaeoclimatology and palaeogeography of the northern Western Desert of Egypt

ByM. R. Abdel-Kireem, A. M. Samir, M.I.A. Ibrahim, E. Schrank

chapter 73|5 pages

Sedimentology and maturity evaluation of the NW Muglad and Nile Rift Basins, Sudan

ByO. M. Abdullatif, N. Barazi

chapter 75|8 pages

Evolution of Cretaceous continental basins in northern Sudan

ByR. Bussert

chapter 77|5 pages

The Albian-Cenomanian palaeoclimate in northern Sudan

ByR. Bussert

chapter 79|6 pages

Geology of the area west of the White Nile

ByA. Hafiz.G. Mula, A. S. Musa, O.A. Magid, I.A. Naib

chapter 80|7 pages

Extension of the Late Cretaceous transgression to North Kordofan, central Sudan

ByN. Barazi, R. Fiedler-Volmer

chapter 85|6 pages

Oligo-Miocene to Quaternary palaeoenvironment in Gezira area, central Sudan

ByMohamed Z. Awad, Fath El Rahman A. Breir

chapter 86|4 pages

The Malawi Rift and vertebrate paleobiogeography of the African Rift Valley

ByF. Schrenk, T.G. Bromage, C. Betzler, U. Ring

part 4|73 pages

Mineral deposits & metallogeny

chapter 87|6 pages

Rare-metal province Central Eastern Desert, Egypt -1. Tectonic setting of magmatism

ByK.-P. Stanek, T. Pohl, Z. Li, G. Shedit

chapter 91|2 pages

Geology and genesis of Wadi Kareim banded iron formation

ByS. El-Gaby, A. Khudeir, G. El-Habbak, G. El-Aref

chapter 92|7 pages

Oolitic ironstones in continental sediments of northern Sudan

ByT. Schwarz, K. Germann

chapter 93|6 pages

Alunitic kaolins of the Gedaref region (NE-Sudan)

ByM. Wipki, K. Germann, T. Schwarz

part 5|63 pages

Quaternary climatic and environmental change

chapter 105|5 pages

Geo-morphodynamics and climatic development in Sudan

ByM. Akhtar, H.G. Mensching, H. Pflaumbaum, K.-H. Pörtge

chapter 107|5 pages

The antropogenic nature of the Sahel

ByErhard Schulz

part 6|50 pages

Quaternary geology & paleolimnology

chapter 110|5 pages

The evolution of the Nile Delta

ByR. Said

chapter 111|6 pages

Stratigraphy, geochronology, and origin of the Selima Sand Sheet, eastern Sahara, Egypt and Sudan

ByC.V. Haynes, T.A. Maxwell, D.L. Johnson

chapter 113|5 pages

Calcretes in the Western Desert of Egypt

ByH.-P. Röper

chapter 114|2 pages

Quaternary ferricretes in Northwestern Sudan

ByU. Salzwedel

chapter 115|4 pages

Desiccation cracks in sandy desert soils

ByNorbert Altmann

chapter 116|2 pages

Dust formation and transport in the Sahara and adjacent regions

ByErhard Schulz

part 7|77 pages


chapter 121|6 pages

Isotopic evidence for extremely low groundwater recharge in the Sahel zone of Sudan

ByManfred Gröning, Christian Sonntag, Axel Suckow, Ulf Thorweihe

chapter 123|6 pages

Groundwater balance of the sedimentary aquifer in Darfur, Upper Nile area, Sudan

ByManfred Heinl, Ulf Thorweihe

chapter 124|6 pages

Hydrogeology of the Wadi El Milk – Wadi Muqaddam area, northern Sudan

ByP. Vrbka, U. Thorweihe

chapter 125|5 pages

Hydrologie drought risk modelling for agricultural areas

ByAxel Niestlé

chapter 126|7 pages

Nile groundwater interaction modeling in the northern Gezira Plain for drought risk assessment

ByM. Köhnke, W. Skala, K. Erpenstein

chapter 127|8 pages

The groundwater rise in the east of Cairo and its impact on historic buildings

ByDirk Masuch-Oesterreich

chapter 129|5 pages

Comparisons between the Nile River, Egypt and the Colorado River, USA

ByJohn F. McCauley, Carol S. Breed

chapter 130|5 pages

Water ponding and groundwater contamination in the Nile Delta villages, Egypt

ByK.A. Zahab, M.S. Diab, Uwe Tröger

chapter 131|5 pages

Groundwater and water security in the future of Salalah region

ByM. Samir Farid

part 8|25 pages


chapter 133|5 pages

Geophysical and geological investigations in the Es Safya Graben, NW Sudan

ByH. Brasse, H. Burkhardt, R. Fiedler-Volmer, V. Rath, K. Schuster

chapter 134|6 pages

The Cairo Earthquake of October 1992

ByR. Said

chapter 135|5 pages

Subsurface mapping with imaging radar in deserts of Africa and Arizona

ByG.G. Schaber, C.S. Breed