The ability to manipulate spatial data in different forms and to extract additional meaning from them is at the heart of GIS, yet genuine spatial analysis tools are rarely incorporated into commercial software, thus seriously limiting their usefulness. The future of GIS technology wil depend largely on the incorporation of more powerful analytical and modelling functions - and there is agreement within the GIS community of the urgent need to address these issues. This text attempts this task. It presents the latest information on incorporating spatial analysis tools into GIS, and includes concepts and applications from both the environmental and socio-econimc sciences.

part One|1 pages

Spatial Analysis Procedures

chapter One|18 pages

Geographic information systems, spatial data analysis and spatial modelling: an introduction

ByManfred M. Fischer, Henk J. Scholten, David Unwin

chapter Two|18 pages

Developing spatial analysis functions relevant to GIS environments

ByStan Openshaw, Graham Clarke

chapter Three|14 pages

Scripting and toolbox approaches to spatial analysis in a GIS context

ByR.S. Bivand

chapter Four|14 pages

Designing a health needs GIS with spatial analysis capability

ByRobert Haining

chapter Five|20 pages

Geostatistics, rare disease and the environment

ByM. A. Oliver

chapter Seven|10 pages

Exploring spatio-temporal data

ByAntony Unwin

part Two|1 pages

Spatial Integration Issues

chapter Nine|12 pages

Integration through overlay analysis

ByDavid Unwin

chapter Ten|8 pages

Descriptive modelling and declarative modelling for spatial data

ByBianca Falcidieno, Caterina Pienovi, Michela Spagnuolo

chapter Eleven|14 pages

Predictive spatial data analysis in the geosciences

ByAndrea G. Fabbri, Chang-Jo F. Chung

chapter Twelve|14 pages

Problems of integrating GIS and hydrological models

ByU. Streit, K. Wiesmann

chapter Thirteen|12 pages

Spatial pattern of ecological processes: the role of similarity in GIS applications for landscape analysis

ByEnrico Feoli, Vincenzo Zuccarello

chapter Fourteen|12 pages

Integrating GIS into the planning process

ByT. A. Arentze, A. W. J. Borgers, H. J. P. Timmerman

part Three|1 pages

Spatial Dynamic Modelling

chapter Fifteen|2 pages

Spatial simulation modelling

ByAntónio S. Câmara, Francisco Ferreira, Paulo Castro

chapter Sixteen|16 pages

CityLife: a study of cellular automata in urban dynamics

ByGeoffrey G. Roy, Folke Snickars

chapter Seventeen|16 pages

Dynamic modelling of urban systems

ByLena Sanders

chapter Eighteen|4 pages


ByHenk J. Scholten