The perfect companion to the highly acclaimed Volume 1 of Wood Adhesives,Volume 2 presents stimulating discussions on technically and economically importantadhesives for wood bonding-covering their preparation and formulation, as well astechniques and suggestions for their application.Like its companion book, Wood Adhesives, Volume 2 provides up-to-date informationand analysis of new technologies and recent breakthroughs ... gives insightinto the relationship between adhesive chemistry and technical application . . . anddiscusses present and future trends likely to have considerable impact on the field.Elaborating upon general overviews presented in Volume 1, Wood Adhesives,Volume 2 includes a chapter on protein adhesives ... fills the gap on the chemistryof polyvinyl acetate wood adhesives ... contains a detailed discussion of formaldehydeemission ... and much more.A complementary and much needed follow-up to Volume 1, Wood Adhesives,Volume 2 is essential reading for wood technologists; adhesives and physicalchemists; forest products researchers; polymer scientists; chemical, mechanical, process,and civil engineers who must choose and apply wood adhesives; and advancedundergraduate and graduate students in the above disciplines.

chapter 1|29 pages

Protein Adhesives for Wood

ByAlan L. Lambuth

chapter 2|43 pages

The Chemistry of PVA

ByKenneth R. Geddes

chapter 3|22 pages

The Chemical Bonding of Wood

ByWilliam E Johns

chapter 5|33 pages

The Correlation Between Preparation and Properties in Phenolic Resins

ByLawrence Gollob

chapter 6|35 pages

Lignin Formaldehyde Wood Adhesives

ByGerrit H. van der Klashorst

chapter 8|17 pages

Hotmelts for Wood Products

ByNeville E. Quixley

chapter 9|77 pages

Fast-Setting Adhesives for Finger-Jointing and Glulam

ByA. Pizzi, F. A. Cameron

chapter 10|81 pages

Release of Formaldehyde by Wood Products

ByRainer Marutzky

chapter 11|20 pages

Expanding Resorcinol Cold-Sets for Gap-Filling Adhesives for Wood

ByGérard Elbez