Building upon the extensive compilation of biochemical data featured in Volume I of the Handbook of Eicosanoids, the new Volume II describes the past, present, and potential future impact of eicosanoid research on new drug development. The reader is taken from a historical perspective through state-of-the-art basic concepts to extensive tabulation of molecular structures of compounds known to act via the eicosanoid system. Much emphasis is given to recent breakthroughs in the mechanism of action of anti-inflammatory corticosteroids and the development of receptor antagonists for prostaglandins and leukotrienes. There is also an introductory chapter that proposes areas that require further investigation and novel approaches using existing technology. This handbook will thus be invaluable for medicinal chemists, pharmacologists, and all those involved in basic research in the eicosanoid area. In addition, many parts of this handbook are suitable for use by university lecturers and students. There are 20 figures and 44 extensive tables as well as a bibliography containing more than 2,000 references that complement the text.

part |83 pages

Introduction to the Field

chapter |44 pages

The Eicosanoids: An Introduction and An Overview

ByA. L. Willis

chapter |37 pages

Cyclooxygenase and Lipoxygenase Products: A Compendium

ByDonald L. Smith

part |77 pages

Eicosanoid Precursors

chapter |13 pages

The Essential Fatty Acids: Their Derivation and Role

ByJames F. Mead, Anthony L. Willis

chapter |20 pages

Biosynthesis and Interconversion of the Essential Fatty Acids

ByRodolfo R. Brenner

chapter |16 pages

Phospholipases: Specificity

ByCarmen Vigo

part |144 pages

Biosynthesis and Metabolism of Eicosanoids

chapter |12 pages

Biosynthesis of Prostaglandins

ByRichard J. Kulmacz

chapter |10 pages

Localization of Enzymes Responsible for Prostaglandin Formation

ByWilliam L. Smith

chapter |8 pages

The Biosynthesis of Prostacyclin

ByC. Pace-Asciak

chapter |18 pages

Biochemistry of the Leukotrienes

ByPierre Borgeat

chapter |12 pages

Comparative Metabolism and Fate of the Eicosanoids

ByL. Jackson Roberts

chapter |58 pages

Eicosanoid Metabolizing Enzymes and Metabolites

ByDonald L. Smith, K. John Stone, Anthony L. Willis