Maintaining bridges in good condition has extended service life and proven to be more cost effective than allowing degradation to advance, necessitating costlier bridge rehabilitation or replacement projects. Preventive maintenance is therefore an important tool to retard deterioration and sustain the safe operation of bridges. This includes a continuous effort of periodic inspections, condition evaluations and prioritizing repairs accordingly. The above measures define the framework for asset management of bridges.

On August 21-22, 2017, bridge engineering experts from around the world convened at the 9th New York City Bridge Conference to discuss issues of construction, design, inspection, monitoring, preservation and rehabilitation of bridge structures. This volume documents their contributions to the safe operation of bridge assets.

part 1|94 pages

Cable-supported bridges

chapter 1|10 pages

Management strategies for suspension bridge main cables

ByK. Mahmoud, W. Hindshaw, R. McCulloch

chapter 2|16 pages

Main cable dehumidification—flow testing and other innovations

ByM.L. Bloomstine, J.F. Melén

chapter 3|10 pages

The dehumidification of the main cables of the Delaware Memorial Bridge

ByS. Elnahal, S. Scindia, B. Colford, S. Beabes

chapter 4|16 pages

M48 Severn Bridge—managing the main cables since 2005

ByC.P.E. Cocksedge, B. Urbans, S.A. Baron, M. Maynard, A.P. Burt

chapter 5|16 pages

Superstructure replacement works for the Macdonald Suspension Bridge, Canada

ByD. Radojevic, K.F. Kirkwood

chapter 7|12 pages

Design and construction of the New Champlain Bridge, Montreal, Canada

ByM. Nader, Z. McGain, S. Demirdjian, J. Rogerson, G. Mailhot

part 2|64 pages

Bridge construction

chapter 8|16 pages

Design-Build replacement of the I-278 Kosciuszko Bridge Phase 1—approaches and connectors

ByP. D’Ambrosio, G. Decorges, C. Lauzon, B. Sivakumar

chapter 9|14 pages

“A new Belt for Brooklyn”—the five mile Belt Parkway reconstruction project

ByD. Hom, W. Ferdinandsen, P. Dombrowski

chapter 10|9 pages

Accelerated bridge construction project and research databases

ByD. Garber, M. Ralls

chapter 11|10 pages

Analysis and design of the South Road double composite steel tub girder bridge

ByM. Loureiro, M. Ingram, M. Loizias

chapter 12|12 pages

Repairs to 13 movable bridges in New York City after Hurricane Sandy

ByE. Kelly, B. Gusani

part 3|52 pages

Bridge analysis & design

chapter 13|10 pages

Fatigue damage assessment of stay cables for the light rail transit bridges

ByJ. Jiang, R. Coughlin

chapter 14|9 pages

The design and construction of Kemaliye Bridge, Turkey

ByŞ. Caculi, E. Namlı

chapter 15|10 pages

Design of a short span suspension footbridge: Detailing for success in rural Kenya

ByJ. Smith, M. Bowser, K. Severns

chapter 16|6 pages

Innovative cable system designs

ByT. Klein

chapter 17|14 pages

Bending stresses in parallel wire cables of suspension bridges

ByA. Gjelsvik, B. Yanev

part 4|33 pages

Structural health monitoring of bridges

chapter 18|14 pages

Structural health monitoring of a historical suspension bridge

ByG.W. William, S.N. Shoukry, M.Y. Riad

chapter 19|8 pages

Protection of existing structures using health monitoring

ByA. Ramakrishna, R. Mankbadi

chapter 20|9 pages

Data-to-decision framework for monitoring railroad bridges

ByS. Alampalli, S. Alampalli, M. Ettouney, J.P. Lynch

part 5|35 pages

Modeling of bridges

part 6|45 pages

Bridge history & aesthetics

chapter 24|12 pages

Modern art and New York City bridges

ByS. Rothwell

chapter 25|15 pages

The Hell Gate Arch Bridge in New York City

ByK. Gandhi

chapter 26|15 pages

The failure and reconstruction of the Quebec Bridge

ByA. Gjelsvik, K. Gandhi