Boreal Shield Watersheds: Lake Trout Ecosystems in a Changing Environment brings together the work of a renowned international group of scientists who specialize in aquatic science and environmental management. They explore the functioning of Boreal Shield ecosystems, focusing on the lake trout, the classic coldwater species of northern glaciated l

Series statement: Integrative studies in water management and land development, Foreword by series editor, Foreword: An ideal icon, Preface: Boreal Shield ecosystems, Section I: Introduction, Chapter 1 - Lake trout, the Boreal Shield, and the factors that shape lake trout ecosystems, Chapter 2 - History and evolution of lake trout in Shield lakes: past and future challenges, Chapter 3 - Rehabilitation of lake trout in the Great Lakes: past lessons and future challenges, Section II: Environmental factors that affect Boreal Shield ecosystems, Chapter 4 - Land, water, and human activity on Boreal watersheds, Chapter 5 - Impact of new reservoirs, Chapter 6 - Lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) habitat volumes and boundaries in Canadian Shield lakes, Chapter 7 - The effects of phosphorus and nitrogen on lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) production and habitat, Chapter 8 - Dissolved organic carbon as a controlling variable in lake trout and other Boreal Shield lakes, Chapter 9 - Mercury contamination of lake trout ecosystems, Chapter 10 - Acidic deposition in the northeastern United States: Sources and inputs, ecosystem effects, and management strategies, Section III: Biological effects and management reactions, Chapter 11 - The control of harvest in lake trout sport fisheries on Precambrian Shield lakes, Chapter 12 - Lake trout stocking in small lakes: factors affecting success, Chapter 13 - Species introductions and their impacts in North American Shield lakes, Chapter 14 - Effects of forestry roads on reproductive habitat and exploitation of lake trout, Section IV: Models and issues associated with ecosystem management, Chapter 15 - Climate change and sustainable lake trout exploitation: predictions from a regional life history model, Chapter 16 - Monitoring the state of the lake trout resource: a landscape approach, Section V: Synthesis, Chapter 17 - Boreal Shield waters: models and management challenges, Appendices, Index